Keno Online – How to Play Keno Games at your Online Casino!

In this, your “How to” guide to Keno online we will be looking at teaching you all the important things you need to know about the game, by the end you’ll have a clear understanding of the rule, betting, along with tips and strategies to help you succeed and win at Keno. We happen to have enough expertise to offer you the best tips and winning strategies with regards to keno online along with the help of our friends at We will be covering the following:

1. How to Play Keno

2. Betting on Keno numbers

3. Strategies for Keno

Firstly try our site, we will give you some background details regarding the game just to warm you up. But at this stage if there are any New Zealand players looking for keno nz games then the link is here for you, just to save you some time.

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Keno Online – A brief history of how Keno went from rural ancient China to the Internet over a 150+ year period.

The game of Keno began back in China as a lottery game during the Han dynasty, the game was a source of entertainment and a means for the government that the time to tax the gaming profits to fund the building of the Great Wall of China. We learnt this from so we can't take the credit on that one.

During trade and immigration, keno found itself exported across to America, the game lost its symbols and was replaced with numbers and the number count went down from 120 to 80. As it would be, the exploration of gambling made this a popular game and was picked up over time by casinos in the states which allowed gambling, time passed, buildings rose and fell and society went through World Wars, the great depression, Vietnam, President corruption and fast forwarded to the digital age we are in now and Keno sits firmly on the internet as a game played globally by hundreds of thousands of people. We have to thank for the homework on keno history, Canadian players should check their site out for more information with keno in Canada.

How to play Keno online – Have shifted away from using paper and card tickets, it’s now digitally computerized.

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Keno is classed as a lottery game, it uses the same key elements of what we know of the lottery, you select numbers you hope to be drawn, and when they are, if correct, you win. The game of Keno is actually a lot bigger than regular lottery games, the numbers of a standard Keno game go up to 80, though some online keno games bring the numbers down to 40. You choose between 1 and 15 numbers to be drawn or at least you think will be drawn, you then stake your bet and finally cross your fingers and hope to win some money. What Keno offers that lottery doesn’t are different ways in which to bet. See for yourself with free keno to play online for Canadians too.

Keno Betting – When you play Keno online for money it might help knowing the different ways in which you can bet.

As you will see in our guide, the obvious way of betting is by selecting the numbers to match those that are winning numbers, so the other option is the called ‘way tickets’ the basic premise is to pick sets of numbers, for example, you can pick 4 of your ‘lucky’ numbers and 6 random ones. You set each group with an individual bet and a bet for all 10.

‘King Ticket’ allows you to mark a single number from your selection and have this and your selection individually betted against and as a group when it comes to the draw.

‘Top or Bottom’, here you have a divide, you will wager whether the top of the ticket numbers will be drawn more than those in the bottom section or vice versa.

‘Reverse betting’, this allows you to win the prize by betting against the numbers you believe will not be drawn and from this, you need to select a minimum of eight numbers.

We think now you can start to see the advantages of playing keno online rather than the lottery, the diverse betting options are not only tactical but in terms of entertainment, one can really become engrossed in a game of Keno. If you want more in-depth knowledge head to

Start picking those numbers because here's a free game to play.

Keno Strategies – How you should be approaching Keno before you start to play Keno online for real big money.

The first strategy is simple enough, any online casino houses free online Keno games, the game will offer real play now or demo play keno. By using free keno, players can learn a number of things, how the game plays, it’s speed, it’s minimum and high betting range, the options of bets to be made, how the numbers are drawn, how to select from a computerized ticket and if you enjoy the game or not. Remember the Keno game comes in many different forms, developers will make the Keno game either very basic, very big with dynamic with 3D rendering or even give you the game live. Just like blackjack or roulette, you have different variations, you don’t just have roulette you also have European roulette, French roulette, so the internet and its online casinos are going to have plenty of options to please Keno players.

For the game itself we advise to never play the single number, your chances on single number games jumps from a standard 10% to 25% by playing this way.

We learn from that you must keep an eye on the table, study the numbers drawn, try and find patterns, repeat numbers, use the order of things as a way of forecasting future bets.

Money, use your finances wisely and don’t bet foolishly, Keno chance or lady luck cannot be relied on to help you out of a sticky situation, you need to make sure you bet over the long run and not just a few games, building a slow but healthy pot of money will mean long time success.

Last but not least find an online casino that offers a welcome bonus which rewards you for registering with their casino, online casino bonuses are a great way to begin any gambling venture, they give you a steady platform of cash to bet from and if you can find a casino site that specialises in Keno or Lottery, then the in-house rewards and bonuses for the members will most likely give you free games to play as a Keno bonus and win real money in the process.